Atmospheric adaptive optics

Members List

The scientific group from the laboratory of "Atmospheric adaptive optics" is one out of six world leaders in the field of design and manufacture of adaptive optical systems for control and correction of laser radiation and compensation of the atmosphere turbulence fluctuations. Over the past 5 years the team was published over 40 scientific papers and made a plenty of plenary and invited reports on the international conferences. The team developed bimorph type deformable mirrors with sizes up to 250 mm, the Shack-Hartmann type wavefront sensors to explore the parameters of laser radiation, hartmannometers – devices for testing the quality of the optical elements with the use of Shack-Hartmann sensor, M2 parameter meters. Various software algorithms for closed-loop adaptive systems for correcting wavefront and optimizing the intensity distribution in the focal plane, such as the algorithm of phase conjugation, hill climbing, and the stochastic genetic algorithms were developed and implemented in the Lab.


At the present time, the scientific group is involved in a few projects:

  • Joint project of Russian Federation, Japan and France: «Development of the wide-aperture mirrors for high-power laser facility FIREX» (№4 from 26.02.2015).
  • Joint project of Russian Federation, Germany and Austria: ERA-RUS-14519 from 24.03.2016 «Active Fiber Coupled Source for Secure Entangled Photon Quantum Communication» ERANET RUS PLUS.

Essential experience in successful collaboration with the main world scientific centers like Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, Germany; Institute of Max Born, Germany; Osaka University (Osaka University), Japan - draft FIREX; Laboratories for use of powerful lasers (LULI), France; Laurence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), USA; Sarov, Russia; VNIITF Snezhinsk, Russia; Institute of Applied Physics, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia and others (totally in more than 50 world famous labs) was collected by the members of Russian part.


Main avenues of research

  • Development of the atmospheric turbulence models for the case of strong phase fluctuations.
  • Development of the standard and cooled deformable mirrors to compensate for the aberrations of continuous laser radiation.
  • Development of the fast adaptive optical systems for correction of the wavefront of the laser beam, propagated through the atmospheric turbulence.
  • Development of the adaptive optical elements for photon quantum communication systems.
  • Development of the adaptive systems for laser beam formation.
  • Development of the models for laser beam propagation through the optical inhomogeneous, scattering medium.
  • Laser beam focusing through the scattering medium by means of measurement and compensation for the aberrations of the scattered laser beam.


Scientific group

  • PhD. Samarkin Vadim Vasilievich, leading researcher, e-mail:
  • PhD. Mar Gennady Naumovich, senior researcher, e-mail:
  • PhD. Rukosuev Alexey Lvovich, senior researcher, e-mail:
  • PhD. Pustovalov Alexey Antonovich, leading researcher, academician of International thermoelectric academy, corresponding member of Russian academy of natural science and International academy of refrigeration.
  • PhD. Sheldakova Julia Vyacheslavovna, leading researcher, e-mail:
  • Nikitin Alexander Nikolaevich, researcher, e-mail:
  • Alexandrov Alexander Georgievich, researcher, e-mail:
  • Galaktionov Ilya Vladimirovich, junior scientific researcher, e-mail:
  • Siverceva Irina Viktorovna, post-graduate student, e-mail:
  • Toporovsky Vladimir Vladimirovich, post-graduate student, e-mail:
  • Kozevnikova Liudmila Dmitrievna, master's student, e-mail:
  • Otrubyannikova Olga Vladislavovna, post-graduate student:
  • Targimanov Evgeniy Georgievich, engineer



List of main publications

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  • A.Kudryashov, A.Rukosuev, V. Samarkin, I. Galaktionov, E. Kopylov, "Fast adaptive optical system for 1.5 km horizontal beam propagation", Proc. SPIE 10772, 2018.
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